Friday, February 20, 2009

Hear! Hear!

We are getting ready for our next show! The front room will be featuring a wonderful collection of Video, Film, Sculpture, Prints, and other Digital Media. Titled "I Love To Turn You On" the show includes the following artists: Shalo P., Calvin Tresize, Jesi the Elder, Eric Wilson, Sean Niesen, Chris Ritson and Alex Holmes.

In the back room you will experience "Utopia and The Two Dollar Bill" by our local future-archeologist Owen M. Takabayashi. Enjoy his Vonnegutian take on society, told with the elegance of a Haiku poet.

Y'all better be prepared for this one. So pencil this in:
EVER GOLD Gallery, March 5th 2009, from 6 - 9 PM (sharp!)
! ! !More info to follow! ! !

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

One Month Old!


The front.
It's been 4 weeks - blood, sweat and tears. Painting walls and floors - two openings raising funds and raising cups - back to business. We're open! Don't forget to stop by - Wed. through Sat. 3 - 8pm.
Here are a few pictures of Ever Golders enjoying it - day after day - and again.

Friday, February 6, 2009


Woah! What a show! Thanks to the good folks that honored us with their presence. Lots of happy faces out there last night.

Yukako Ezoe Onodera and Naoki Onodera

441 O'Farrell was the place to be.

Later on...

Happy Girls.

Naoki Onodera

Goods For Sale.


Joy! The Bahama Kangaroo. Pretty pictures soon to follow.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Monday, February 2, 2009


Please join us for the grand opening of our new space: The EVER GOLD. We will kickstart our efforts with an amazing show by one of San Francisco's favorite couples: Yuka Ezoe Onodera and Naoki Onodera. Their "Bahama Kangaroo" will be the focus of the front gallery, while the backroom-gallery will be host to a exhibition of photographic excellence, curated by Andew McClintock. He has managed to come up with some great art from an array of city active photographers such as Austin McManus, PEZ, Collin Arlen and Oliver Fader.
This will be our very first opening to the public and we are expecting a lot of folks to swing by, so do the right thing: be one of the them.
Refreshments and tunes provided.

More fotos!

..from our fundraiser. Very much: "Hell Yeah!"


Mr. P and comrades.

Mrs. H. and friend.

Sir Ryan C. with beer.

And the usual suspects.

Pictures from the Soft-opening / Fundraiser

Lots of love to all the good folks who donated art for our cause. Also kudos to all the folks who came out and drank our beer and bought some art in order to make this happen! For ever Ever Gold.

Look at all the good stuff!

The space is done!

Ready to install the fundraiser!