Friday, February 20, 2009

Hear! Hear!

We are getting ready for our next show! The front room will be featuring a wonderful collection of Video, Film, Sculpture, Prints, and other Digital Media. Titled "I Love To Turn You On" the show includes the following artists: Shalo P., Calvin Tresize, Jesi the Elder, Eric Wilson, Sean Niesen, Chris Ritson and Alex Holmes.

In the back room you will experience "Utopia and The Two Dollar Bill" by our local future-archeologist Owen M. Takabayashi. Enjoy his Vonnegutian take on society, told with the elegance of a Haiku poet.

Y'all better be prepared for this one. So pencil this in:
EVER GOLD Gallery, March 5th 2009, from 6 - 9 PM (sharp!)
! ! !More info to follow! ! !

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