Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ever Gold Interview with Sandy Kim and Jesse Pollock


Where are you from and where are you reppin’ now?

I went to high school in Portland so I guess that’s where I’m from.

Reppin SF fo sho

What got you interested in Photography?

Being surrounded by beautiful people who are CRAZY and are willing to do wild things.

How does color impact your work?

Zzzzzzzzz. I haven’t slept in dayzzzzzz. I don’t know how to answer this question.

You’ve traveled on tour with the SF based band Girls. How has the process of shooting for band affected your personal work?

I went from being nobody to being published everywhere.

This is your first book and Unpiano Book’s, was it exciting working with Jesse?

Jesse rules for dealing with my 8:30 am melt downs, and he has a great eye.

There’s a lot of blood in your photography, do you like vampires?

Not particularly, I’m just on my period a lot.

Do you like boys that skate or bike more?

SKATE unless their bike has handlebars for me to sit on.

What pick up line might work on you at the opening?

“I’ve got an 8 ball, wanna go do it in the bathroom?” JK

Any thanks, shout-outs, or shit talking?

Hey Mom


This is your first book for your new publication company, Unpiano Books, what made you want to start this business venture?

I had been looking at Sandy’s photos for a while and at a certain point I really wanted to see a book from her. I was getting frustrated that no one had put one out yet and I just wanted one to exist, so instead of waiting I decided that it should be me. That gradually merged into something that I realized I could be really happy doing in the long term - so the company came from that.

What was it like working with Sandy Kim?

Sandy drives me fucking crazy but she is a sweetheart and has a hell of a good eye. It just takes a while to get used to her level of energy and excitement since I am so old and bitter.

Being a photographer, do you plan on only making photography books or are you going to branch out to other mediums?

I do have a severe love for photo books, but we are open to both art as well as photo. I’m really excited about some of the prospects that we’ve been discussing with people thus far.

Can you tell us about any future projects you have lined up?

Yes, but I wouldn’t to ruin the surprise. You’ll just have to wait and see.

How is the transition from putting out your work vs. promoting other artists?

To be honest it’s a hell of a lot of easier and less stressful. I’m somewhat of a perfectionist so when I’m dealing with my own work I sweat every little detail in the process and very often it takes forever and get anything done. Most of the time with someone else I can take their finished product and just run with it. Not to say that I don’t sweat every little detail in each project, but if the work is already at a certain level it makes everything much easier.

To save everyone some time at the opening, what would be your response to “can I get a book deal?!?”

We’re not accepting any new submissions right now but I’m always happy to talk to people. I love meeting different artists and seeing new work. So anyone is free to email me from the website.

Why is someone a fool if they don’t but Sandy’s book?

Because when they are all gone you’ll wish you had used that twenty dollars to buy the book instead of taking your girl to the movies that week. The goal as always is to be affordable, which photo books never are. Hopefully it will be the sort of thing that people find too good to pass up and it won’t be a problem.

Shit talking, Shout-outs, words of wisdom?

The best part if putting out a book is getting to share something you think is amazing with other people. I hope as many people as possible get a chance to come see the show while it’s up or buy the book for themselves.

Words and photos ©A. McClintock, 2009

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