Saturday, February 27, 2010

Interview: Chadwick Heath Moore

Age? Location? Occupation? 34, San Francisco, bum; Describe a day in the life of Chadwick H. Moore.
Oh... god. waking up, crucial. Studio in the afternoon then yoga. Studio/work in the evening followed by drinks and then crying myself to sleep. Cycle repeats

How did you get here from where you are?
Interventions, court ordered community service.

What got you inspired to start making art?
No idea. It seems the most irrational thing in the world to me at times. I think it’s like anything else your good at when your a kid and your encouraged to pursue it. I drawn as long far back as I can remember I think I'm just to stubborn or dumb to give it up

How would you describe your art to a blind person? During craft time in the special ed-class someone puts some LSD in the refreshments.
Name some influence (Art, Film, Music…) What was the last book you read?
I like a lot of renaissance painters Tintoretto, Titian, Rubens. Contemporary-ish people like Sara Sze, Matthew Ritchie, William Wiley, Bruce Conner. I think the real 'influence' comes from the non-art world. I'm probably much more 'influenced' by the way a homeless person has arranged their shopping cart these days than anything I could see in a museum. Last book, "Shooting at the Moon" the story of America's Clandestine War In Laos Describe your working method.

What kinds of materials do you use and why?
I still see what I do as drawing and painting, whether I'm working 2d or 3d. The wire and the plastic I use in the sculptures function the way pencil and paint do for me. I use a ' fat over lean' technique in which I form the basic structure/form with the wire or pencil, the lean part. Then I flesh it out with paint or plastic, the fat. You can really layer transparent plastic much the same as oil paint. I like being able to give and take form a piece rapidly so I think I need materials that lend themselves to the way my brain jumps around.

Please talk about the title of the show: Plastastik and also about the inspirations you had when putting together the show.

The title was something David and I came up with that we thought encompassed a quality we are both pursuing in our work. I like the thought of plastic containers being this thin little membrane that is vital for sustaining our commodity fueled world. Its kind of a global language of sorts, you can go anywhere in the world and its just as vital as it is at home. At the same time its slowly being broken down in our oceans {the pacific gyre} and entering the food chain by mimicking phytoplankton which eaten by sea creatures and then by us. I also thought about the way the military use petroleum based weapons like Napalm and white phosphorus. Really nasty stuff but oddly beautiful. It makes this strange jellyfish like form when it’s used. I don't know in my mind its like these things have this unspoken dialog between each other and the work I'm doing now is a pursuit of that. It seemed like a good impetus to make the kind of stuff I like.

Any comments on current political/global situations?

I'm just along for the ride

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