Friday, April 30, 2010

"... Or Oblivion..."

New work by Owen M. Takabayashi

Please join us for the opening of Owen Takabayashi's second solo show “…Or Oblivion…” at the Ever Gold Gallery. This striking series of new work is based on the Major Arcana of the divinatory tarot and will be on display as an all-involving installation in the gallery’s back room.

Takabayashi’s palette is a blend of the economical use of materials characteristic for Minimalism and Arte Povera combined with Dadaist humor and the deceptive qualities of Op-art. On one hand the artist’s work can be viewed as meditative exercises in endurance and efficiency. On the other hand the audience is urged to read the art as critical commentary on current global issues such as the Olympics, ponzi schemes and social inequality.

Takabayshi grew up in the suburbs of Los Angeles. He claims a dubious high-school prank got him grounded for a year, which subsequently sparked a fury of art making. He holds a BFA degree from the San Francisco Art Institute and is currently employed as a freelancer. The exhibition will be on view until May 27th 2010.

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