Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ever Gold Presents

Saturday July 17th, 6-9pm

Good Cop / Bad Cop

Charles Linder

Artist Book Release and Photography / Sculpture Show

EVER GOLD is pleased to present a book release and art show for peripatetic local Charles Linder, aka cashcowboy. It would seem that Linder’s new book GOOD COP / BAD COP was designed site specifically for the gallery, however, the inspiration came from abroad. Ever the aspiring underground archaeologist, Linder’s newly discovered cave is a trove of saucy Polaroids chronicling one man’s forays into the red, taken mainly in Rio de Janeiro. Linder acquired the archive in a storage locker auction in Berkeley and concluded that they were all taken by one man, a retired African American police officer from Sacramento.

Here, Linder presents his reproductions of polaroids of the subjects chosen for reproduction in the book. An avid hunter but an ardent hater of taxidermy, Linder presents his “ repaired “ taxidermies as sculpture. On the opposite wall, figures from Linder’s fiberglass menagerie stare pensively at the two-dimensional taxidermy across the way on the other wall; duct-taped wild boar heads staring vacantly at the low tech digital prints of carnal trophies. The catalog contains an essay by Paul Karlstrom about Charles’ work and methods.

“Nonetheless, although Linder is on somewhat slippery ground, I believe he is entirely serious in his endeavor. This is not a Mitchell Brothers entertainment by any means; it is a means to examine art and his own motivations. To do so honestly, which here is the case, is brave. And he does not turn away from the less pleasant implications. For this he should be complimented, as an artist and as a man. And with that in mind, it is difficult to view Good Cop/Bad Cop as anything less than serious art.”

-Paul J. Karlstrom
from the intro of good cop / bad cop

There will be two versions of the limited edition book for sale at the opening, one version containing an original polaroid form the series.


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