Saturday, August 28, 2010

Jeremiah Jenkins Studio Visit

Every time I hang out with Jeremiah I get inspired in the sense that I see the potential for exploration of life through art- looking at everything with a new eye- that in turn makes me really start to see the daily hypocrisies of this society. When I went to art school they told me that art is supposed to make you think about stuff- and this is exactly what Jeremiah’s work does.

I lived with Jeremiah for about three years in North Beach and then before he moved into Lobot studios in Oakland I think he went to Hawaii for a few months to try and be a pro surfer but that didn’t work out- something about an evil girl…now all he does is make art, shop for stuff to make art at places most people wouldn’t even think of going, camps in a tent next to malls for artistic research, is trying to make a raft to swim across the bay, rides his skateboard, and then makes more art. He is also the funniest person that I know- he actually does standup too so that helps.

Anyways this new project Blue Collar Bushido will make you think about your life, something that most art isn’t able to do these days.

Blue Collar Bushido explores the similarities between pre-industrial Japanese samurai culture and contemporary manual labor. The show will honor those, who in dedicated pursuit to their profession often risk life and limb to fulfill the demands of society. The attitude and philosophy needed by construction workers, janitors, and anyone that works a low-pay/high-risk job reflects the ideas outlined in Bushido (the samurai code of conduct).

Blue Collar Bushido is a multimedia show including sculpture, video, and photography.

Jeremiah Jenkins is a Tennessee born artist, based in Oakland, and very familiar with low-pay/high-risk jobs.

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  1. His art work seems so cliche. I look at it and have this gut feeling I've seen it so many times before.