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At Criminal Class Press, our stories and poems seek to transcend the gap between song and story. We are interested in where the "hard luck" songs originated, and the tales from the street which spurned them. Punk rockers, Hooligans, outlaws and the like.

These are the kind of raw, point blank storytellers to be found throughout our pages. Whether it's the gritty poetic memoirs of a drifter (Walker), a scrotum piercing love saga in the lower Haight district of San Francisco (Sinister), a twisted dream sequence blurring the line between sexuality and violence (White), or a narrative of the DC punk scene from the eyes of a fifteen year old kid (Glaessner), the stories in Criminal Class are visceral, arresting, sometimes humorous, all at once.

The writing in our journal is so crass and honest, it would be hard to find anywhere else. In short, this is barebones writing, with some raw flesh thrown in for good measure. It’s blood, sweat, and tears, and everything in between. "True Scene" is something that can't be paid for and fashioned. It is a world that comes from struggle, torture, and an endless road of misfortune. Our writers pick up where the songs left off as more of the story unfurls. These stories take you where the musicians were created.

C.C.P. gets its uniqueness in that this journal, in the most rudimentary form, has existed for years. Specifically, the stories we publish have been around forever; we just took it one step further and amalgamated them. Also, we run this operation as a crew in that we don’t forget where we come from nor do we forget about the friends who have had our backs over the years. We look out for our writers and know that they are the ones who sustain us as we look to them for support, a family. Most literary journals are not genre specific and have no true voice. Ultimately, they are expansions of instance collections.

C.C.P. is not a shoulder to cry on, a place for broken hearts, or an album for family stories, rather a fictionalized confession booth for felons, scumbags, and psychos. We don’t take anything less than blood, violence, and abusive aspects of life. It takes a lot these days to sting the senses and to do so entails risk at the highest level in which we at CCP are not precautious in the least about illustrating. We take the corrupt, the shady, and the dishonest and release their stories through a creative convergence of images and words.

It is foreseen that CCP will be stereotyped as a “pirate’s” publication or a “home for slackers’ stories”. Ney, for this journal does not promote stupidity or facilitate forms of the feeble-minded. The stories solicited and submitted will possess class, wit, and swarth. It depicts the dramatic, downtrodden, and delusional details of the Criminal Class Elite. The quality of stories offered are the experiences of individuals that become unforgettable songs of the scene.

Finally, as the journal makes it’s way across the nation, the first West Coast reading of Criminal Class writers will go down at Ever Gold Gallery in downtown San Francisco.

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