Sunday, November 8, 2009

Opening Photos!!!

Ah man it was crazy! Too bad you missed out if you didn't make it. The work is all for sale. Please send any inquiries to
Its great work and you won't loose an arm or a leg if you get something. Lots of show t-shirts, posters, statues, and shoes too...all custom hand made...keep it pure.

you can make an appointment with us too for a private viewing.

Bear Flag Wines in the house!!
Eric...he has work up at Gray Space on Taylor...check it out

Steve Macdonald, Ramblin' Worker....Swipple show December 10th!

Aaron was busy talking the whole night
Misha looking at art

Nicole Buffet and Paule Anglim staff getting their bling on

Vassie from Peanut Gallery with Dean who has a show there right now
Alex pre 111 minna crazy man
People were having flashbacks in the back room

Korakrit talking with Zara's crew
Elliot and Owen
Some ladies trying on Korakrit's clothing
Korakrit and owner Greg Ito EG homie

Photography by A. McClintock

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